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Alan Grippo

As a long term resident of Florida, I have witnessed numerous Tropical Storms & Hurricanes. I have seen the catastrophic damages of the high winds. As a Real Estate Agent and owner of multiple properties in Palm Beach County, I have much experience with homeowners insurance policies & premiums.

I am always looking for a better rate & inquiring about eligibility for discounts. That’s how I came across Third Nail Mitigation. I quickly realized the major benefits of this cost effective investment and felt compelled to share this information with all my real estate clients & personal friends. My primary concern is to prevent damage caused by the high winds of a hurricane.

The savings are a great benefit as well. With the insurance crisis in our State, I am now taking the next step and getting the word out to the public for all to benefit.

Third Nail of the Palm Beaches will save thousands of dollars for our clients with this efficient process. Agents will sell more policies & retain more customers. Homes and families will be safer. It is truly a “Win-Win” scenario.