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“Thanks so much. You guys were professional, quick, and responsive. Good experience all around.”

Pate Steele

“Alan helped me save almost  $2000.00  a year on my insurance. I highly recommend his service.”

Terri Battelene,  Jupiter, FL

“Why would anyone pay too much for their homeowners insurance? I saved more money in my first year than the cost of Third Nail’s service.”

Joe Armiento, Hobe Sound, FL

Thank you so much for everything. My family and I truly appreciate it.

Carlos Raymos

Thank you brother. Nice doing business with  a very polite person like you!

Clifton Chinapoo

Using Third Nail was so simple, easy and convenient, I would highly recommend them.  They were with me every step of the way ,and now I’m saving over $1,500.00 a year on my homeowners insurance. Thank you Alan for all your help.

David B.

Thanks Alan.

I appreciate the excellent work by you and your staff.

Peter Karalekas

Thank you so very much and Tim was great and very professional.  We really appreciate your help and hard work! 

Shari Miller


I wanted to thank you again for your help with our Third Nail.  Our Insurance has been revised and we are getting a substantial discount!   I just received a phone call from my insurance agent and she received one of your mailers in the mail today and called me to ask me if that is the company we used.  I told her, indeed it was,  and gave her a good review of you, Tim and your services.  My insurance agent is small company owner and believes in future business by word of mouth.  She wanted to inquire about you and will refer you now, since she has received good words about you to customers who are in need of help with their insurance, as we were!

I just wanted to share that with you and tell you thanks again!  Have an excellent weekend!

Shari Miller

Good morning Alan I wanted to thank you guys for rescheduling it is short notice and I will recommend you to anybody so I will go on yelp to give you a Great review!!! 

Tim was very helpful as we found out my air conditioning unit wasn’t working properly so we narrowed it down to the capacitor so I had to run off and get that before Granger closed within a half an hour. And that was issue, so it worked and we had air to move in that night or we wouldn’t had it for the whole weekend.

Tim also noticed a shingle missing where I did not see, which was supposed to have been repaired before we moved in. So again, Tim was a great help!!! 

Thx, Nick B.

Thanks so much. We are very happy with the work that was done and Tim and his son were great. Our insurance agent sent the report in to our home owner’s policy holder today. Fingers crossed. It should give us a big savings. We recommended you highly to Atlantic Insurance who handles our insurance needs.

Tom and Janet

You and Tim are truly men of your words and a real pleasure to work with.  I will sign a copy of the report and send it to our insurance agent immediately.

Thank you again for your integrity, honesty and follow through.  I have already given your name to Will Dombrowski who lives directly across the street.  He was aware of the 3rd. nail requirement but thought the process would be extensive and expensive.  I hope he follows through.

Benny Brown

Much appreciated and he did a great job.  Called that he could come sooner so met him there and he truly worked very hard.  Hope to send you lots more business. If you could send updated reports to buyer, Mr Dillon he can than get his insurance in place right away for the lender to be able to close on schedule. You are the best and I truly appreciate it.

I also want to possibly get you a larger job.  My husband is treasurer at the building at ####, a two story condo in Leisureville.  Tim told him that you do larger projects.  it is two stories with 24 units.  My husband is going to call the insurance carrier tomorrow to see if the condo would get a substantial discount if you did the third nail.   It is a tar and gravel roof with a coating.  I do a lot of business in there so I am going to recommend you on all my deals. Thanks again and have a good evening,

Regards Kathy Clarke

I wanted to take a minute and sincerely thank you for the professional service you and your company provided.  After receiving your wind mitigation report, my insurance company was able to increase my coverage, switch to a larger home insurer and drop my premium by 22%. WOW……..  We are delighted.  

Benny & Vada

Let me just say that Tim was extremely nice and a great guy.  He was extremely professional and sent me a text telling me the work had been completed.  I will definitely refer you to others in my community.  To answer your question, yes, please use the same VISA to put charge the remaining $425.  When you are done with the wind mitigation report, please send me the report along with a final invoice showing paid in full.

I will connect with you in the future to see how I might be able to work with you on some translations as well.  I’m also going to get my realtor license in the next few months, so perhaps I can help you out in that area, too.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Spanish from Vanderbilt and an MBA as well.  I’ve been in Sales Engineering for the past 20 years and am looking for a change of venue.  Let’s keep in touch, and if I get any leads for you, I will send them your way.

Sincerely, Jeremy A.

Thank you Alan.

I’ve enjoyed working with you and our experience working with Third Nail.  As a sales guy, I’m in touch with tons of people and firmly believe in referrals.  Third Nail will be on my mind when someone is speaking to me about your industry.  Where does your service area begin and end?

Dan Mascia


Happy to recommend you to friends in the future. You and Tim did a great job. 

Best regards

Riley Newgen

Thank you so much. Tim and his crew were great.

You have good people. Thank you again.

Tammy Shea

Thanks for the service you guys did a great job from start to finish especially Tim who was very professional and explained the whole process to me.

Also I spoke with Stephen from Reitanol Insurance who was the person who recommended your company, and told him what a great job you’ve done. Stephen said that was good to hear and he will be sending more clients your way.

John Hough

Thank you Alan, well received. Congratulations on Terri’s work, on schedule and as promised, cleanly and efficiently.

Maurice Poitras

Alan, You and Tim are aces in my book. Thanks for taking care of my problem.

Mike Freeman

I  would like to add that your service representative Tim was very nice,professional,and provided me a lot of information.

Thank you and thank Tim for me.

Bill Mason

Thanks Alan. Appreciate the help and great service. 

Laurie Starkman

Thanks so much Alan! If I can ever help with a great review or recommendation please let me know. 

PS, Tim is a great guy! 

Jeannie Hoban

Quality, Customer Service,  & Timeliness

Thank you.

Bonnie Turner

Thank you! Excellent service. I have shared your contact information with some of my friends.

Thanks again and stay healthy,

Caraline Vince

Awesome. Tim was really great – what a nice guy and dedicated worker. You are lucky to have him.

Thanks so much Alan, believe me, I will not hesitate to recommend you to folks and send them your way.

It has been a pleasure. All the best,

Kevin Palmer

Tim was great to work with and did a bang up job. 

Pamela Burton, West Palm

Timeliness, Customer Service

I called 4 people. This company was professional all the way around!! Amazing customer service!

Christina Borcherds, Boynton Beach, FL

Tim was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again. I’ll refer anybody needing those services to you…

Zachary Spicer, Stuart, Fl

I am writing to recommend Alan and Tim and their company Third Nail of the Palm Beaches. I have had the pleasure of working directly with them both for securing my roof with extra nails and clamps necessary and required to bring my house up to code and to satisfy my homeowners insurance requirements. I was provided with an updated Wind Mitigation report for my insurance provider to reduce the cost of my premium.

Third Nail and the crew have illustrated their attention to detail, quality, and safety. It is the policy of this company to strive for the highest safety standards and to ensure that I was happy and satisfied with the outcome. Mr. Flanary has met and exceeded my expectations.

I’ve lived in South Florida since 1996, and I have owned multiple properties and I have never experienced a contracting company to actually fulfill their obligations. I was extremely flabbergasted with how I was treated, how they treated my property, with high regard and respect throughout the entire project, from start to finish.

In addition, Mr. Flanary and the crew have been exceptionally accommodating when dealing with unforeseen conditions.

Please consider Third Nail of the Palm Beaches for your construction service needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.

Laura Galeone